Ballpark Basics

Ever since I visited my first ballpark in 1983 there was something magnetic that drew me in and told me that it was a special place to behold. That ballpark was Memorial Stadium, which was the home of the Baltimore Orioles at the time.

Other ballparks followed at the Major and Minor league level and each one offered something completely different from the next. While the rules of baseball between the white lines are basically the same from ballpark to ballpark the rules outside the lines, and the traditions in the stands are as unique as the ballparks themselves.

This is part of the reason why opposing managers meet at home plate before each game to discuss the various ground rules that are unique to that particular ballpark. This section of Ballparks, Beaches and Beyond will highlight the ballparks past and the ballparks future that have and will shape my baseball journey.

While I plan to add many more Ballparks to my list, I have created pages above under the Ballpark Basics tab listing all of the professional ballparks I have visited along my journey as well as the home team of the ballpark at the time. Two of the ballparks on the list have since met the wrecking ball, and others no longer host professional baseball teams but the rest remain for now an active testament to the game and those who support it.

Copyright 2013 R. Anderson

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